24. december 2021

The Danish Consumer Ombudsman releases a quick guide to “green” marketing.

After a spate of cases regarding so called “greenwashing” where businesses’ green claims misled consumers, the Consumer Ombudsman in Denmark has published a quick guide to help businesses navigate compliance with marketing law when making claims as to sustainability etc., in their marketing.

The quick guide sets out the rules and guidelines regarding environmental marketing and emphasises the need for businesses to able to document their claims. The quick guide also contains several examples as to when a claim will be misleading and in breach of marketing law in Denmark.  

At the same time as the quick guide was published, the Consumer Ombudsman announced that it will be revising its full-length guidance regarding the use of environmental and ethical statements in marketing material which dates back to 2014.

If you would like to hear more about how to comply with Danish law in your green marketing material, contact Ruth Caddock Hansen at rch@universadvokater.dk.

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